Ecology is the study of the relationships of organisms to the other organisms that surround them and the environments they live in. Ecology is favorite topic in all of the living environment curriculum, and I'm excited to be able to teach it!

Below is my mindmap for the unit. It is still in the developing stages, and it will remain fluid even throughout the time that I am teaching this unit. Regardless, it should help visually display how deeply connected all of the topics are in this unit.

Since this unit has such a large amount of vocabulary, I have prepared quizlet cards for you to use in your own time. Quizlet is a great learning tool for vocabulary memorization. I have made this set public, but I encourage everyone to make a free account and join their respective class group. In the coming units, your class vocabulary sets will be privately available only to your class group, so you will need to make a free account. If you have trouble making an account, please speak to me!