Biomimicry is an exciting movement which I have been following for about three years now. Janine Benyus, without doubt or debate, is the founding mother of this movement. I first discovered Janine Benyus after she spoke at TED, a yearly convention which hosts many of today's great thinkers. (As a side note; TEDtalks on Youtube are often incredibly interesting, and there are many clips that are well worth watching.) I still remember my excitement as Janine presented her radically different vision of the world around us, and I emailed the link around to as many people who I could think of who I thought might be interested in it.

You can't imagine how glad I am to see how this movement has progressed in the time since then. Unlike other movements, biomimicry didn't begin with outrage over poor industrial practices or as a movement to protect an endangered species merely for the sake of their preservation. Instead, biomimicry begins with a plain realization; we, as humans, simply haven't known how to do things better than we have been doing them. However, as an answer to the long list of problems in our world, biomimcry points toward our living world, and asks us to find inspiration in nature. Since this is the case, biomimicry is a positive movement--not one that is built off of anger or a specific need. As a result, this movement has the potential to continue forward far into the future.

From the view-point of a biologist, the basic idea of biomimcry makes sense. Our living world is incredibly diverse, and has been the source of a lot of inspiration already. Furthermore, the organisms that we share our world with have had to meet many of the same basic challenges that humans have had to meet. Judging by the progress that has occurred in this movement already, it can easily be seen that there is a lot that can be learned from other organisms.

Below are a number of links which you can use to explore this growing movement. Some of these you will not be able to access at school, but you can check them out sometime at home.

Janine Benyus' inspirational talk

Also check out a growing field called Bionics here